iClicker Review: Pricing, Features, & More


Starting Price: $30.00/month

5 / 5

What is iClicker?

iClicker is audience engagement software designed specifically for classroom (virtual or in-person) experiences. It is utilized by various institutions, from elementary schools to higher learning, to interact and engage with students. It allows educators to collect feedback, gather questions, test students, and help make learning more fun for both instructors and students alike. They also offer remotes or “clickers” that can be rented or purchased to conduct polls and other surveys.

As part of the suite of Macmillan Learning digital products, iClicker was thoughtfully designed with students and instructors and improving the classroom experience for both in mind. While it is primarily used in educational settings, iClicker also offers business solutions for polling and collecting feedback during events, conferences, meetings, and other settings.

Pros & Cons of iClicker


  • In-person or online

  • Flexible

  • Live results tracking

  • Data analysis

  • Online, phone, and SMS polling

  • Includes multiple question types


  • Does not offer a free option

  • Does not include audio/images/video

Who is iClicker for?

As mentioned, iClicker is primarily used in education settings. It is also utilized for business purposes, including during meetings, conferences, and events.

Pricing Overview for iClicker

Free option

iClicker does not offer a free option.

Paid plans

Users can choose from student or enterprise pricing depending on their needs. iClicker can also be contacted to learn about their pricing for bookstores or corporate and government use.

Student pricing

  • .99 for six months

  • .99 for one year

  • .99 for two years

  • .99 for four years

Enterprise pricing

iClicker has Enterprise packages for Academic, Retention, and Enterprise. Each of these plans has custom pricing depending on the user’s needs so iClicker must be contacted for specific estimates.

iClicker Features

  • Attendance tracking

  • Student evaluation features

  • Flexible polling questions

  • Mobile app

  • Exit polls

Contact Details for iClicker

Industries: Education, Bookstores, Corporate and Government

Founded Date: 1997

Legal Name: Macmillan Learning

Phone Number:

Located: New York City, NY

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